The Original African Porcupine Quill Laying Tool

​     Lampwork Glass Beads are chosen from artists around the world to meet my strict requirements to have a home on top of a Quill. Bright colors, clarity and quality of annealing (a process of slowly cooling the glass to relieve internal stresses after it is formed, which helps the glass resist shattering due to shock or stress) are all  factors of a beautiful Lampwork Glass Bead that will last for years.

    The Almighty God is the only creator of the Porcupine Quills, however I do choose which Quills are best suited for the purpose of laying fine threads.

    Before my work begins the Quills are extremely sharp on the tip and have a 'blade' spirilling from the middle to the tip. Each Quill is filed and polished by hand to ensure a smooth glass like feel and an ease of use.

    Should the Tool ever have any issues with the integrity of the Quill or bead,


Either the bead or the Quill can be replaced or saved, depending on the situation. Please contact the place of purchase for more details. 

    Quills pictured are SOLD products. View Portfolio to see more SOLD Quills. Requests can be made for the Hand Carved Boxwood Beads however no two Lampwork Glass Beads are alike. No two Quills are alike. You will always be assured that your Quill is completely unique and not like any other. Custom requests can be made for color or theme and length. For more questions please contact a needlework shop or leave an enquiry.

No Porcupines are harmed for the procurement of these Quills. Porcupines shed their Quills like a dog or cat sheds their coat. 

 Laying Tools are crafted out of African Porcupine Quills adorned with Lampwork Glass Beads and

Handcarved Boxwood