JTM-23 8" Stocking © JT Morrow

​JTM-24 8" Stocking © JT Morrow.

​JTM-20 © JT Morrow

JTM-30 Winter Meadow 6"x6" 18M © JT Morrow

RR-01 Liberty Uncle Sam 9"x10" 18M © Ronnie Rooney

JTM-R2 3" © JT Morrow

​JTM-17 © JT Morrow

​JTM-04 Penguins 8"x5" 18M ©JT Morrow.

​GA-01 The 3 Stwhooges 11"x8" 18M © Geoffrey Allen 

JM-02 Geisha with Parasol 9"x13"

​©JT Morrow SGA

JB-01 Capistrano Butterfly 9"x9" 18M

 © Jennifer Briney

​JTM-21 © JT Morrow

Needlepoint Now Magazine Cover November/December 2017

Joy Ride by Geoffrey Allen

10"x10" 18M SGA



​             All designs are created in the United States. All Canvases are hand painted. All work is licensed and copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without written consent.

*SGA= Stitch Guide Available

​GA-05 Spooky Hollow WItch 10"x10"  18m © Geoffrey Allen

JTM-R1 3"  © JT Morrow

JTM-01 Geisha w/ 2 Fans 9"x13" 

© JT Morrow​ SGA

​GA-02 Pumpkin Kitty 7"x9" 18M © Geoffrey Allen

JTM-X3 4" Mini © JT Morrow

GA-03 Pumpkin Pilot 9'X9" 18M © Geoffrey Allen.

LF-02 Flower Petal Bicycle 9"x5" 18M ©Laura Freeman

SS-04 Nutcreacker with Tree

© Stephanie Stouffer

JTM-X1 4" Mini © JT Morrow​

​JTM-15 Ladies Night  10"x10" 18M ©JT Morrow

JTM-03 Geisha with one Fan/ 9"x13"

 © JT Morrow SGA

RR-02 Celebrate Eagle 9"x10" 18M © Ronnie Rooney

​Peace Dove JTM-07 6" round JTM-08 4.5" Round

​© JT Morrow

JTM-16 ©JT Morrow

SS-02 Nutcracker with Drums 5"x5" 18M 

​© Stephanie Stouffer

JTM-29 Spring Meadow 6"x6" 18M © JT Morrow

GA-13 Gather 10"x10" 18M ©Geoffrey Alllen 

JTM-X2 4" Mini © JT Morrow

​JTM-05 Frogs 8"x5" 18M ©JT Morrow.

​JTM-06 Winter Bunnies 12"x9" 18M © JT Morrow

JB-03 Capistrano Dragonfly 9"x9" 18M ©Jennifer Brinley

SS-01 Nutcracker with Presents 5"x5" 18M

​© Stephanie Stouffer

​JTM-19 ©JT Morrow

JTM-11 Koalas  8x5 18M © JT Morrow

LF-02 Birdie in the Basket ​ 6"x9" 18M © Laura Freeman

JTM-09 GIraffes 8"x5" 18M © JT Morrow

JTM-18 © JT Morrow

GA-12 Mexican Potted Folk Art 18"x12" 18M © Geoffrey Allen

JTM-10 Monkeys 8"x5" 18M © JT Morrow

​JTM-14 Poodle Girl  10"x10" 18M ©JT Morrow

​JTM-13 Santa and his Hat  11"x6" 18M © JT Morrow

SS-03 Nutcracker with Star 5"x5" 18M 

© Stephanie Stouffer

All Large Stockings measure 16" from top to tip of toe. All are available on 13 Mesh and 18 Mesh

The Original African Porcupine Quill Laying Tool

​JB-03 Dragonfly Medley 8"x12" 18M © Jennifer Brinley

JTM-28 Spring Meadow 6"x6" 18M © JT Morrow