African Porcupine Quill Laying Tools™

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A Crested African Porcupine is quite large, they can grow up to 3 feet long and nearly 2 feet tall. The Porcupine waddles like a duck when it walks and will shake its body like a dog many times throughout the day. Quills will fall out to make room for growth just like shedding.

The myth is that Porcupines shoot their Quills into their enemies, but not so. A Crested African Porcupine flares out his thick sharp Quills like a turkey flares his feathers when trying to impress his lady friend. The Porcupine follows by shaking his body violently which makes an incredible rattling noise like a rattlesnake. He then runs directly towards his enemy, backward, to stick his Quills into the predator. These Quills can become fatal to a Lion or other unfortunate soul who seeks him for a meal.

                                                                        These Quills are extremely sharp! The Quills have a ‘double blade’ around them beginning about                                                                                      halfway down and spiral to a sharp tip. When the Quills arrive, they are just as they were when                                                                                          they were naturally shed out of the skin. I clean, trim, file, and polish each Quill by hand.

                                                                        Decorative Tops: I chose to use Lamp Work Glass beads for this project because they have the least                                                                              chance of fracturing or breaking due to the process in which it takes to make an exceptional Lamp                                                                                  Work Glass Bead. Every bead on top of the Quills is custom made for me and this project. I order each                                                                            bead from Lamp Work Glass Studios all over the world. I currently buy from designers in Germany,                                                                                  England, Netherlands, Australia, Czechoslovakia, Africa, Iceland, and the U.S.

                                                                        The accent bead on top of the Lamp Work Glass is usually Czechoslovakian Pressed Glass or                                                                                          Swarovski Crystal.

Many tops are made of Hand Carved Boxwood Beads from the Orient. I only have these in stock

a few times a year. If you see one you like it is best to grab it, you never know if that will ever be

available again.

                                                                         Don’t let looks be deceiving! Most Quills are not

                                                                         straight. Many appear wavy or curved but each

                                                                         has been tested to work as a useful tool. Because, 

                                                                         some are curved, they may work well for some

                                                                         hands, but not for others. One of the best features

                                                                         of the Porcupine Quill is that they are giving and

                                                                         soften with the warmth of your hand. This will make the Quill very comfortable and conform to your                                                                                 hand. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Each Quill has an internal shape and the bead pin, when inserted, needs to follow the shape of the                                                                                   Quill. I cannot fight Mother Nature. The placement of the bead may not look straight but it is following                                                                             the natural curve of the Quill.    


                                                                                      I GUARANTEE MY WORK

                                                                         These Quills go through quite a bit of stress while being made into a Laying Tool. So much so that it is highly unlikely that one would break during normal use. However, should you ever have an issue with cracking, splitting, or breakage, please return the product to a Needlework shop for a replacement. I will not be able to fix the Quill but I can put a new Quill with the same bead top. If a bead breaks, I might be able to find another of a similar appearance for a replacement. 

I hope you enjoy your Laying Tools, I certainly enjoyed making them!  

       Love You More-

       Emily Hennessy

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